Touching the void

June 26, 2008

So. We’ve got high volume mainstream and low adopters. Oh, and these 9 million browser downloaders (which reminds me). Spend is on the up, effectiveness is still not quantifiable. Old school (or should that be skool) and traditional digital (now there’s a thing) are just not working, and never will. Did you notice that ad for Vodafone on TV last night? Did you notice that ad for Vodafone in the paper this morning? Did you notice that ad for Vodafone on Facebook this morning?

Brands need to engage with their audiences at a time and place that they are in the mood to buy, when they are up for a transaction. The problem with digital is that it’s bypassing the physical. You will never avoid the fact that people want to see, touch, smell, hear and taste before they buy. The digital relationship starts here. It’s participatory and it’s on their terms. It plants a seed.

Remember me for the experience you had as much as the product or service I offer. Oh, and here’s something for you. If you want it. It’s the start of something special…