Under the influence

June 20, 2008

So, Puttnam has a good point. What he doesn’t necessarily answer though is how to engage with and more importantly influence the ‘mainstream’ audience. The challenge yet again is how to bridge the gaping void between 11 billion videos viewed online in April, the unsurprising fact that brands are disappointed by the lack of traction they are able to generate on Facebook(yes, I know)/in Second Life/even Tweeting and an interaction or experience that you and I will benefit from. A participatory relationship. On our terms.

It’s about a personal, positive dialogue/experience/relationship for the consumer. Oops, did I say consumer?

Last night I almost subscribed to a satellite TV service. It’s just that I took up the welcomed suggestion (as I tried to decide what package to choose) to chat live online to a ‘brand representative’. Shocking. After 60 seconds of experiencing the online equivalent of an off-shore call centre, I ‘hung up’ and logged off. And I’m probably not going back. And I’m going to tell people about it. See, I already have.