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  • This weekend the Museum of Arts and Design opens the doors of its new home at 2 Columbus Circle following an extensive redesign of the building by Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works Architecture. The museum’s new graphic identity can already be seen throughout the city, on the sides of buses, on street banners, in print ads and in the subways. The geometric-based mark reflects the circles and squares present in the building’s shape; its location, on Columbus Circle; and the building’s iconic “lollipop” columns retained in the redesign. After the jump Michael Bierut discusses creating a graphic identity for the one of New York’s most anticipated reinventions.
  • NEW YORK (Reuters) – Video game publisher Electronic Arts Inc has signed a deal for Hollywood director Zack Snyder, who made the hit 2006 film “300,” to help develop video games, some of which may someday become movies themselves.
    The agreement, announced on Monday, calls for Snyder, who also directed 2004’s “The Dawn of the Dead” and is working on a film adaptation of the “Watchmen” comic book series, to develop three original games for EA.
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  • In the perennial fight against ad drop off during commercial breaks, tech and video firms are coming up with new ways to force viewers to watch advertising. Over in Britain, BBC competitor Independent Television (ITV) is begining tests of “automatically placed overlay advertising.”
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  • the architecture of the narrative present in the movie “Fight Club”, completely built with Lego blocks. the red rectangular borders divide the space in sequential chapters, the colors of the bricks depict the different movie characters, time flows from left to right, the movement up or down indicates character movement & height indicates intensity.
  • Ivan writes to tell us about Patrick Buckley and Lilly Binns’s new book,The Hungry Scientist Handbook: Electric Birthday Cakes, Edible Origami, and Other DIY Projects for Techies, Tinkerers, and Foodies :”It’s for gadget-loving gastronomes. For people who really love to play with their food, who make their kitchen into a lab and a workshop.
  • Transferring large files on the web has always been a hassle, especially when you need to do it frequently. One field especially prone to this problem is the music industry – artists often collaborate with eachother by sending rough versions of tracks, but have to rely on clunky services like YouSendIt or FTP servers.
  • Here at TechCrunch we’re big believers in mobile social networks. In February I wrote about how the iPhone is the perfect ecosystem to have it’s own social network (awesome device and software, location aware, elitist users). And in April I showed a teaser of an upcoming social network from Loopt that did everything I had asked for: iPhone only to start, location aware so that you could meet new people around you.