Rules of engagement

June 18, 2008

I have always loved zeroinflencer’s Four Humble Demands of the Prosumer, the simple idea that you have to deliver inspiration/aspiration/insight to achieve acquisition. Simple as it is, it seems to be difficult to implement because people just don’t get it.

This is highlighted by two contrasting announcements yesterday. Firstly, news that this year will see online advertising spend in the UK exceed that of TV, the question still remains of how best to engage with your desired audience to inspire them to invest time in building a relationship, on their terms. Just because more is being spent online does not mean that it’s going to be more effective and reap more rewards than TV advertising, because in the main, it’s repurposing, no, it’s reusing content concieved for one channel on a very different platform. Add to that the media planners and buyers. Do they actually plan and buy media? Or space? Secondly, the fact that audience demand has resuscitated You Suck at Photoshop is surely good news…


2 Responses to “Rules of engagement”

  1. denimie Says:

    aptly put…

    The biggest challenge is to also produce effective online content that is also engaging and just bloody good to look at [I’m a sucker for aesthetics] … but I do keep asking myself.. where has the craft gone.. what happened to the sublime. As one senior planner at a well known digital agency once said to me.. ‘but online video content doesn’t need bigger budgets because they are smaller…’ This kinda had me pinning for the maverick days of the Hugh Hudson’s and the Ridley Scott’s of the 80’s.. As ostentatious as they were and the media landscape is a very different place.. I still wander..

    Who are the mavericks now..

  2. Kevin Coffey Says:

    Whether an advert’s on TV, Online or in print, the rules are the same as before in my mind. Fun bring’s engagement with brands, whether it bring’s a sale depends on the quality of the offer more now then before, due to advice thats freely available on the net to the discerning consumer.

    Still a campaign which bring fun and enjoyment will at least bring awareness in a noisy media landscape. Take for example this excellent fun site for the Music artist Julien Velard An artist i’d never heard of before.

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